Arthur - Pal Dies (The Only surviving clip)

The Death of Pal is a lost episode of Season 2 of Arthur. It aired once on PBS in 1997 and never showed again, as it was felt to be too dark for young viewers and wanting Pal back. Only 1 clip of the episode remains available to be viewed.


Arthur - The Death of Pal

The full episode was found once again. PBS unintentionally aired the episode again in 2000 before destroying all copies of the episode in 2001.

Pal is gone for good was the second part of the episode, but there are no surviving clips of the second part to be seen.

In some parts of the video some of the sound can't be heard, we could not edit it to get the so



But some dialog that happened in some removed parts were:

"Pal.....Has passed..." Says arthurs dad.

Arthur gasps And they go home. After that the song hallelujah plays.

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