Character Info

Arthur Read is the Main Character and the Main Protagoinst of Arthur. He often always wears glasses. He likes watching TV. He also likes reading books like fiction books and comic books like Dark Bunny and Citizen Frensky Superheroes (double-story comic book, princesses included). Also, He is in 3rd Grade and He's a 3rd Grader. He has seven siblings: He has four sisters and three brothers. Their names are Tyler Read, Chen Read, the younger brother of Arthur, Ryder Read, the older brother of Arthur, D.W. Read the younger sister of Arthur, Kate Read, the 2nd younger sister of Arthur, and Wendy Read, the older sister of Arthur. He likes to hang out with friends at school like Francine Frensky, Tyler Read, and Buster Baxter. His parents names are Jane Read and David Read. Also, he always likes to play with Ryder Read, D.W. Read, Kate Read and many other siblings like Tyler Read. His grandmother's name is Thora Read. He also has a sibling; sister/younger sister (formerly), Kaitlyn Read.

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