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Arthur Meets the Minions is an Arthur episode from Season 23 that first aired on February 1, 2021 on PBS and PBS Kids, making it the first episode of Season 23 to air in over a year. In this episode, Arthur and his friends meet The Minions. They want to hang out with Arthur.

This episode also aired on a few non-PBS channels. It aired on February 6, 2021 at 8:30 AM EST on MeTV's Saturday Morning Cartoons block. Additionally, this episode also aired on February 1, 2021 at 4:30 PM EST on the children's TV channel Null, and still airs often on the channel.


It starts off with Arthur saying that sometimes creatures can cause unexpected things and trouble happen and then a Minion comes and forces a Banana Split in Arthur’s mouth. Then, Arthur says “especially The Minions...”. Arthur says the title card for the first time in the episode.

At class, Mr. Ratburn announces new students are coming, named Minions. Arthur and his friends are excited! When The Minions come in the classroom, the small minion with 2 eyes sees an Apple on Mr. Ratburn’s desk and says: “BAPPLE!” and eats it.

Later during math, the small minion with two eyes is sitting next to Francine, but suddenly, the Minion puts a banana in Francine’s desk so the Minion can eat it later. Unfortunately, the Minions forgets to eat it and a few days later, Francine smells something rotten from her desk and sees the banana with fruit flies on it. After, Francine stares at the Minion angrily for 5 seconds and then the Minion says: “Uh Oh...” and then Francine throws all of his bananas in the trash.

Eventually, a minion jumps into Arthur’s backpack during pack up time when he isn’t watching. When Arthur gets home, he unzips his backpack and the minion jumps out of his backpack. The next morning, the minion puts syrup on Arthur’s head.

When Arthur goes downstairs to eats his breakfast, his dad (David) and mom (Jane) say at the same time “Uh Arthur, there is syrup on your head.”. Arthur then sees the minion that came to his home by sneaking into Arthur’s backpack. The minion then takes each of D.W.’s pancakes, dips the pancakes in the syrup on Arthur’s head, and the minion eats the pancakes.

Arthur later starts walking to school. It turns out that while the minion was walking with Arthur to school, he activated a map app on his phone to go to a destination that is not Arthur's school. Arthur thinks that the directions on the phone are correct and continues to go where the map app asks him to go. Arthur later ends up at his house instead of the school. A shocked Arthur then looks at The Minion's Phone and finds out the directions were incorrect. Arthur then goes to a maps application on his own phone and runs to school with the minion, while following the correct directions to get to school.

5 minutes later (only 2 minutes away from school), Arthur's friends (Francine, Muffy, and Binky), with one minion behind each of his friends, notice him. They run and go next to Arthur and Arthur tells them about what happened. Francine, Muffy, and Binky tells Arthur that the same thing happened to them.

Arthur, Francine, Muffy, and Binky realize that they only have 1 minute to get class, so they as fast as they can together, and go to class, along with the minions.

The minions fool around by putting bananas on Arthur's, Francine's, Muffy's, and Binky's desks. When they sit down, they feel the bananas and they ask to go home. When they get home, Francine's parents tell her that she needs to change her pants as Catherine laughs at Francine once Catherine learns what happened to Francine.

At Arthur's house, David and Jane tell Arthur that his pants are stained and that his pants need to be thrown away. Because of that, David and Jane take Arthur, D.W., Baby Kate, and the minion with them. When they go inside the store, the minion goes to the "Clothing" section in the store without the Read family noticing and the minion removes the pants from the clothing section.

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