Arthur's Bad Valentine's Day is a three-part fanmade Arthur story by Arthur Read fan. In this story, Arthur gets kidnapped by Pinkalicious on Valentine's Day, and Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and LarryBoy team up to rescue him.


Part 1

It is the day before Valentine's Day, and it is a beautiful day. In Elwood City, at the Reads' house located at 562 Main Street, Arthur's youngest sister, Kate, and his pet dog, Pal, watch Arthur prepare valentines in the den for the people he cares about, including his friends and family. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Mr. Read bakes heart-shaped sugar cookies to give out to friends and relatives at the Reads' Valentine's Day party the following day, and in the living room, Mrs. Read and D.W. decorate the room with lovely decorations for the party. Soon enough, that evening, the Reads are all ready for Valentine's Day, and Arthur goes to bed that night happily dreaming about how his friends and family will love his Valentines at the party.

Meanwhile that night, in a house in a far away city called Pinkville, a girl by the name of Pinkalicious has an obsessive crush on Arthur. (She had seen him on TV several times, and she also really wanted him to be her boyfriend someday.) After thinking about how to get him to be her true love on Valentine's Day, she then decides to kidnap Arthur in his sleep by using cupid wings to fly into his room at night without anyone noticing. Pinkalicious then proceeds to steal cupid wings left by a sleeping cupid outside of her house, and she uses them to fly all the way to Elwood City. After using Google Maps on her smartphone to find out where the Reads live, she then flies to the Reads' house, opens up Arthur's bedroom window using magic pixie dust, and then kidnaps Arthur in his sleep and flies him to her home in Pinkville without anyone noticing, or so Pinkalicious thinks.

Alberto Molina, the 13-year-old boy who lives next door to the Reads, happens to see the end of this incident occur while taking his pet dog, Amigo, outside to the Molinas' backyard so Amigo can go to the bathroom. He is shocked to see the strange girl fly Arthur (the latter still asleep, wearing his glasses, and in his pajamas) out of Elwood City into the distance using her cupid wings. Unsure what to do, he decides to wake up his parents and younger sister, Vicita, to tell them about what he saw. After telling them everything about the bizarre occurence, Vicita asks Alberto if he was just dreaming, but he says that he was not and was fully awake, and does not know where the girl is taking Arthur. Mr. and Mrs. Molina then decide to call the Reads, but after calling them three different times with no response back (because the Reads are sound asleep and their phone ringers are turned off), they decide to call the police instead, and after calling the police, the police then light the Batman signal to call on Batman for help. Batman sees the signal in the night sky, and he quickly jumps into his Batmoblie to speed off towards Elwood City to help with the investigation. Meanwhile, the police investigate Elwood City to look for clues as to where Arthur might have gone. Batman soon arrives on the scene, and he asks Alberto where he saw Arthur and the strange girl going. Alberto tells Batman what he saw happened, and he also tells him that the girl was flying Arthur out of Elwood City to an unknown location.

Just then, Batman gets a phone call from Superman. After answering the phone, Superman tells Batman that he has just been informed by some people in Metropolis about a strange cupid-winged girl flying a sleeping aardvark wearing glasses and in his pajamas to an unknown location. Batman tells Superman that he has already been informed about them by the Elwood City police and by Alberto Molina, and he also tells him that the aardvark's name is Arthur. Batman also explains to Superman that Arthur was apparently kidnapped by this cupid-winged girl, and then tells him that he will be right there on the double. After hanging up the phone, Batman thanks Alberto for telling him and the police about this incident, and then he speeds off in the Batmobile towards Metropolis.

When Batman gets to Metropolis a while later, it is nearly sunrise. Superman and some of the Metropolis police officers meet up with Batman at a Denny's restaurant for breakfast and to discuss their findings so far, and while they are inside, one of the police officers says that he heard from two witnesses of the sight from earlier that night that they heard the cupid-winged girl saying that she is taking Arthur to some place called "Pinkville." The police officer then says that he tried to look up the coordinates and location of this supposed "Pinkville," but could not find anything. Batman is slightly disgusted at the thought of a place called Pinkville, thinking that it sounds too cutesy-sounding, while Superman thinks that if the police officer could not find the location of this Pinkville place, it may be in a different dimension. The police officers then say that Superman has a good point about his theory, and that it would make sense. As the police officers along with Batman and Superman have a breakfast consisting of waffles, pancakes, and bacon, with some apple juice to drink, Batman hopes that Arthur's family back in Elwood City will be okay.

Part 2

Back in Elwood City a couple hours later, it is Valentine's Day morning. D.W. wakes up and wishes Kate a happy Valentine's Day, and then runs down the hallway to wish her father and mother (Mr. and Mrs. Read) a happy Valentine's Day. They wish D.W. a happy Valentine's Day too, and then the three of them all go to Arthur's bedroom to wish Arthur a happy Valentine's Day. However, they shocked to discover that Arthur is not in his bedroom, and D.W. also notices that Arthur's front bedroom window is open. As Mrs. Read starts to worry about where Arthur is, Mr. Read notices some police cars parked on the street in front of the Molinas' house. After Mrs. Read gets Kate from her crib, the four rush downstairs to find out what is going on.

When the four get downstairs, they head outside the front door to see what is happening. Mr. Read notices Mr. Molina, and he asks him why there are police cars in front of their house. Mr. Molina tells the Reads that earlier the previous night, Alberto noticed Arthur (still wearing his glasses and in his pajamas) being flown out of his bedroom by some strange girl wearing cupid wings. He further explains everything else that happened afterward, and that the police, Batman, and Superman are now part of this investigation. Mrs. Read becomes even more worried about where Arthur could be, and even D.W. feels sad for Arthur. Mr. Molina then tells the Reads that the police in both Elwood City and Metropolis, as well as Batman and Superman, have heard from witnesses that the girl is apparently taking Arthur to a place called "Pinkville," but the location of said place is currently unknown and that as soon as the police, Batman, and Superman find the location of this "Pinkville" place, they will head straight there to find Arthur and bring him back to Elwood City. Mr. Read then thanks Mr. Molina for telling them about all of this, and hopes that Arthur will be found soon.


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